⦁ Trade in a Nutshell:

We have been in Geneva and asked to the international authorities why talking about trade and gender is important. Check our their answers in our exclusive videos below:

⦁ Vídeo with Roberto Azevêdo (OMC):

⦁ Vídeo with Arancha González (ITC):

⦁ Vídeo with Isabelle Durant (UNCTAD):

⦁ Vídeo with Gabrielle Marceau (OMC):

⦁ Bazaar Genebra 

We started 2020 with an initiative to raise funds for Sheroes Hangout, in India. Check out the results of this initiative in a video with Beatriz Stevens and Partícia Costa here:

Memorandum of Understanding with the Brazilian Mission to the WTO:

In December 2019, WIT signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Permanent Mission of Brazil to the World Trade Organization and other Economic Organizations to nominate a WIT member to the Program for Formation in International Trade in Geneva.Internacional em Genebra.