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⦁ Talking Trade with WIT:

We want to hear what WITs have to say about international trade, gender and being a woman in all of this. With this in mind, we launched Talking Trade with WIT, a monthly series of short interviews to get to the point, with content and a hint of good humor – expert chat yes, but in an informal way! Each month, we invite a WIT to answer questions from the trade group coordinators Constanza Negri and Tatiana Prazeres.

May/2020: Interview with Daniela Benjamin, Alinne Oliveira, Carla Junqueira, Priscilla Negreiros e Thaís Moretz here.

March/2020: Interview with Suelma Rosa here.

February/2020: Interview with Yana Dumaresq here.

January/2020: Interview with Daniela Benjamin here.

December/2019: Interview with Valéria Paranhos here.

November/2019: Interview with Daniela Matos here.

October/2019: Interview with Daniela Benjamin here.

September/2019: Interview with Carla Junqueira here.

August/2019: Interview with Paula Tavares here.

July/2019: Interview with Camila Sande e Carolina Matos here .

June/2019: Interview with Michelle Ratton here.

May/ 2019: Interview with Emily Rees here .

April/2019: Interview with Amanda Athayde here


The women’s organization Women Inside Trade launches the WITcast, a periodic podcast that will bring interviews, classes and debates with experts in international trade to talk about global issues, as well as gender and equality. 

Episode 1 with the participation of Renata Amaral, Verônica Prates, Bruna Ribeiro and Ana Paula Abritta on WITcast launch. Available in the link.

Episode 2 with the participation of Vera Thorstensen and Pablo Bentes on the future of the WTO. Available in the link.

Episode 3 with Denilde Holzhacker and Abraão Neto on the relations between Brazil and the US link. 

Episode 4 with the participation of Tatiana Prazeres and Thais Mesquita about the future Director-General of the WTO. Available at link. 

Episode 5 with the participation of Beatriz Bulla and Nuria Saldanha about the presidential elections in the USA. Available at the link. 

Episode 6 with the participation of Barbara Medrado and Lucas Pires on export and investment control. Available at the link. 

Episode 7 with the participation of Constanza Negri and Carla Junqueira on bilateral relations between Brazil and Argentina. Available at the link. 

Episode 8 with the participation of Marília Rangel and Marcos Jank on Agro influences in international trade. Available at the link. 

Episode 9 with the participation of Ambassador Carlos Marcio Cozendey on Brazil’s accession to the OECD. Available at the link. 



Vakinha for Application:

We launched an emergency kit (still open) to raise funds to make the application work in Brazil. The application is already a success in Portugal, by providing the union between those who need help and those who can help, and it is helping many people to overcome the difficulties caused by COVID-19. WIT in partnership with wants to replicate the initiative in Brazil, but we need initial funds to start running.


WIT 2020 Book – The Women Inside Trade Book:

Volume I aims to foster specialized publication by women and to honor the pioneers of the sector, in particular, Professor Vera Thorstensen, a great reference in the field of international trade. To this end, the work has unpublished articles on topics related to its trajectory in this area, especially: World Trade Organization; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; preferential trade agreements; sustainability and trade; regulatory coherence and convergence; BRICS and its trade policies; and trade and investment.

Trade and Gender Project: 

Internationalization of companies led by women – This is a pilot project started in 2019 by the WG – Volunteering and inspired in an article by Christiane Aquino and Liana Issa for Columbia University. The initiative aims to promote specialized advice, on a voluntary basis, by executives from the WIT network to promote the internationalization of companies led by carefully selected women and to stimulate female economic empowerment.

⦁ Directory of Certified Actions:
It is a directory with initiatives to combat COVID-19 certified by us. Many of us want to donate, but we are unable to verify all the initiatives that appear. So we decided to certify the initiatives listed in our directory so that people can donate without concern about the seriousness of the actions listed:

Campaign Juntas Por Elas:

This is an initiative to publicize the work of women entrepreneurs (micro-entrepreneurs) who are finding it difficult to pay their bills in this period of economic crisis. The WIT network will make the intermediation between entrepreneurs and supporters, who will be able to assist the women in the payment of electricity and water bills and the purchase of food, medicine or diapers. The goal is to prevent the families led by these entrepreneurs from being left helpless, enabling these women to continue their ventures after the crisis.

⦁ Partnership between WIT and Mutirona:
It is undeniable that the pandemic has affected thousands of small business owners. At the same time, several opportunities arise from this crisis. Would you like to help entrepreneurs at this time? Or are you a businesswoman looking for insights? Then contact our network. We formed a partnership with Mutirona and we are looking for both entrepreneurs and consultants for the platform. Access the link.